August 90th

Help me wish a very Happy 90th Birthday to my awesome Grandmother! She’s a great strong woman.  As a special birthday present, she’s getting my most recent gourd piece.

This one is called August 90th. As we enter the great autumn months, leaves will begin falling all around, mixing with the patterns of the world, just like in this piece.

Happy Birthday Grandmother!


Garden of Fire


This piece features a lid inspired by the bush, Firepower Nandina. The supporting design brings elements of symmetry, cutting, carving, and the burning art of pyrography. A piece of art inspired by the garden, with material from the garden. Created June 2014, by Paul R. Buhrmester.

Wood Burning Class #3: Candlesticks

Wood Burning Class #3: Candlesticks

This year marks another year of growth as an artist. I’ve began teaching pyrography (woodburning) classes at a local gallery here in Bowling Green, KY, Gallery 916. The classes are going to be held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. The classes are labeled under Learn & Burn: Wood Burning, and are meant to share the art of wood burning, while burning various projects. The next class will be creating this set of wooden candlesticks. So if you’re in the Bowling Green, KY area, and want to learn all about this awesome art form, then check out the Learn & Burn classes!