Small Gourd Art

Small Gourd Art…

This page is devoted to my small items: Gourd Ornaments, Gourd Bottle Stoppers, Gourd Pen Holders, and Gourd Necklaces.  All (or most) of these items can be found at the locations on the “Available @” tab.

Gourd Ornaments

Gourd Ornaments:


Each gourd ornament is hand drawn on a mini pear gourd, egg gourd, or banana gourd, decorated with pyrography (wood burning) and a little color added with nail polish (yep, nail polish). After each is completed, I dip them twice in Miniwax Polycrilic wood finish to ensure a great, long lasting protection. Each is about the size of a store-bought large chicken egg, but they do vary somewhat.


Gourd Bottle Stoppers


Gourd Bottle Stoppers:

Bottle stoppers created in the same fashion as ornaments, then securely affixed atop a quality chrome bottle stopper.




Gourd Pen Holders

Gourd Pen Holders:

Pen holders (or whatever you find use for) created with ornament size gourds, making a little bowl, then securely affixed atop a hand-picked Kentucky creek rock.




Gourd Necklaces:

Small jewelry sized gourds, crafted to have a flat laying back, decorated with my pyrography art, affixed a quality natural brass chain.







The designs are all unique, with various symmetrical patterns working together to create a one of a kind treasure.


Gourd items can also be custom ordered and personalized by emailing me at If you like a certain style that you see me post, I can either recreate with your desired colors and personalization, or create a unique version similar to that. Just let me know.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

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