Gourd Adventure

Almost everywhere I go talk about my gourd art, or set up displays, I’m asked if I grow my own gourds. My answer is simple…”I try!”.

I’ve reached a point in my art life in which I’m putting in too many hours on creating a piece, for it to fall apart or break due to the gourd itself being too thin. I’ve chosen to support some of the amazing gourd farmers that are out there, like the Dalton’s at Pumpkin Hollow in Arkansas, and Wuertz Farm in Arizona.

But I still give it a shot, mainly to say I did. This year’s attempt is at some mini pear gourds, that have become the main ones used for ornaments and stoppers. I’m trying a teepee style trellis, with sticks from my yard, wrapped in nylon cord.

Not expecting a lot, but wish me luck on this year’s Gourd Adventure 😊

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