Custom Gourd Lamps

While most of my work can be custom ordered anyways, the Sanders Lamp is a good example of a custom gourd lamp with a family name, word, or whatever your mind can come up with. Most of the time I’ll have the center piece, accompanied by symmetrical designs encompassing the remainder of the piece, sometimes with color and sometimes without. The bases are made from recycled trees, currently I’m using a maple tree that had to be removed from my yard. The lights are typically a candelabra base (think night light) that sits in a hole in the center of the base.

If you’d like to order one, just let me know. They are fully customizable and able to be personalized. Prices depend on size and amount of detail, so prices can are able to match needed budgets. Feel free to look at pictures of previous lamps I’ve created for inspiration.

Thank you 🙂




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