Merlin Gillock

It’s time to meet Merlin!

Back in September 2014, a gentleman came into the gallery wondering what could be made out of a 4 foot slab of walnut, that was almost firewood. After explaining pyrography, he was intrigued. He mentioned that him and his wife like wizards. Since I can’t really draw people, I thought of collaborating with the great painter, Nick Mantlo-Coots. After I sanded and prepared the wood, Nick designed and drew Merlin. I then burned all of the features, and eventually finished him.

Merlin will be hanging out at Gallery 916 until March 21st. Go say hello 🙂


One thought on “Merlin Gillock

  1. I never miss an opportunity to brag on my Talented son,Nick Mantlo-Coots. Beautiful collaboration between two wonderful talents. gorgeous .

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