This is “Colossus”. Created November 2014. Named for the size of the piece and the columns that are integrated into the design, which are reminiscent of Greek or roman architecture. This gourd bowl is topped with a natural leaf inspired lid, because nature is above all my inspiration. With a little deeper meaning to the name as well, this piece is a “thank you” to my wife, who has been a colossal inspiration to my artistic ability, and the one that introduced pyrography into my life.


Gourdament & Ornament time!

It’s that time of year again. I’ve already began making this year’s ornaments, and taking orders for customized and personalized ones. There will be many different styles and designs, but the most popular will be the penguin, followed by zebra and leopard prints. If you’re interested in ordering, send me a message on Facebook, or email


Gourdaments 2014